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Coventry University branch in Egypt’s Design and Media students showcased their creativity and innovation at the Past Forward exhibition, held from June 9th to 11th. The event invited attendees to reflect on the past while moving forward, emphasizing the perpetual relationship between past, present, and future.

The exhibition, titled Past Forward, serves as a starting point for conversations about space and time. The students’ work displayed a range of interdisciplinary projects, from foundational to graduation levels, illustrating their academic journey for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Prominent figures who attended the exhibition included Eng Ahmed El Sewedy, Chairman of El Sewedy Education and Founder of The Knowledge Hub Universities, Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, Board Member of El Sewedy Education, H.E Dr. Khaled El-Enany, former Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Board Member of El Sewedy Education, and Prof. Dr. Yasser Sakr, President of The Knowledge Hub Universities. Their presence highlighted the significance of the event and the potential of the students’ work.

Special thanks were extended to Torasna Ahmed Elshaboury, Mrs. Sherifa Roushdy, and Architect Ahmed Mansour for their unwavering support, information, and visits during the students’ journey. Their contributions were invaluable in making the exhibition a success.

Among the notable attendees was Hanna Shiha, who celebrated her son’s graduation from the Digital Media programme. The opening event also saw a remarkable turnout of prominent architects and designers, including Waleed Arafa, Hala Saleh, Hisham Mahdy, Mohamed Batiea, Karim Elassal, Hani Mahfouz, Hasan Fikry, Nedal Badr, Mohamed Radwan, Karim Waly, and many others.

Adding a touch of artistic flair, the famous musician Hisham Kharma graced the event, further enriching the cultural experience.

The Past Forward exhibition not only celebrated the achievements of Coventry University branch’s students but also posed challenges and held possibilities for the future. It was a testament to the idea that by looking back, we can move forward, continually revolving in space and time.

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