Early Bird Admissions Now Open For NOVA University Lisbon Branch in Egypt

Nova Cairo Undergraduate Programmes at TKH

BSc Risk Management

This undergraduate programme will provide the necessary methods to assist risk-related companies, such as banking insurance, pension funds and finance, increasingly need professionals with the ability to apply mathematical, statistical, and actuarial methods to identify, quantify, and manage inherent risks.

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BSc Environmental Engineering

This Undergraduate Programme will help you identify, implement, and manage innovative solutions for environmental sustainability. The focus is on holistic training and systemic thinking, analytical skills, innovation, and collaborative models.

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BSc Industrial Engineering and Management

The industrial engineering and management Undergraduate Programme provides a diverse background combining Engineering with specific industrial Engineering and Management skills.

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BSc Information Management 

The Undergraduate Programme in Information Management aims to train professionals with strong analytical skills, able to collect, organize and analyze organizations’ information, translating it into a strategic resource that allows them to innovate, develop competitive advantages and predict new market trends.

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BSc Management

Solid training in Management (Finance, Operations, Strategy, Organizational Behaviour,) and Quantitative Methods. Also areas as EntreprenMarketingeurship, Programming, and Law. The perfect mix of technical and scientific knowledge with soft skills.

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