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Core Purpose

Preparing Students for a future of global competitiveness.

The Knowledge Hub Universities

The Knowledge Hub Universities is a multidisciplinary educational hub hosting branches of world-class universities, each to participate with undergraduate courses in their areas of strength, providing an intellectually stimulating, enriching, and credible educational experience.

You will have the opportunity to study abroad in Egypt and graduate with an international degree or to study abroad at your convenience.


With current travel restrictions, it has never been more challenging to pursue an international degree. But, that’s what International Branch Campuses are for!

Study abroad in Egypt

TKH-Coventry allows you to study abroad in Egypt and pursue an international degree right in your homeland while reserving an option to transfer your studies abroad at your convenience.*

Now, you can start chasing the international Bachelor’s degree of your dreams at TKH in Egypt. And when the time is right to study abroad, you can always head to the UK to resume your studies abroad at Coventry University’s main campus!


International Universities

The Knowledge Hub campus will host branches of world-class universities, each to participate with undergraduate courses in their areas of strength.


Strategic Location

Spread over 50 feddans, The Knowledge Hub is strategically located in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital: a modern, smart city designed to meet global needs and trends.


Unique Vision

The Knowledge Hub’s education model is designed to bridge the gap between Business, academia, and society and encourage a culture of innovation.


Innovative Offerings

The Knowledge Hub will provide innovative offerings that address rapidly changing industries to enhance students’ opportunities and equip them with the needed lifelong learning skills.


State of Art Campus

The Knowledge Hub is designed by Gensler, #1 architecture and design firm in the world with extensive experience in higher education.


Links to Industry

The Knowledge Hub has extensive connections with regional and international industry networks ranging all the way from Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

Welcome Abroad

The Knowledge Hub Universities

One of the first higher education institutions in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital.

With the Knowledge Hub you can study abroad in Egypt, because TKH provides a healthy learning environment for students to maximize their potential, develop critical thinking skills, and become future leaders in their respective communities. Creating a connected community of students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, where experiences and ideas are openly exchanged.

Staying true to a culture of innovation, the educational process at The Knowledge Hub is centered on bridging the gap between theory and practice. Students will be able to link what they learn in classrooms to what is needed in a modern workplace.

The Knowledge Hub’s technologically advanced campus covers over 50 feddans. It is equipped with a cutting-edge research and development center, entrepreneurship and innovation hub, and recreational facilities to accommodate a diverse array of students and faculty from all around the world.

Sep 2019

The first phase of The Knowledge Hub launches in September 2019, with the aim of educating graduates capable of competing internationally.