TKH Campus

The groundbreaking TKH campus in New Capital 

Designed to be a student-first campus, TKH campus features numerous small details that reflect tremendously on students’ experiences inside all TKH facilities.

Our study buildings, for example, are perfect environments for TKH students to learn and apply. And when it’s time for a break, students have plenty of space designed to help them chill and socialize.

From the state-of-the-art labs to the ultramodern classrooms, every TKH facility is fully equipped to foster students’ growth, innovation, and wellness.

TKH’s sports facilities are first-class and fit for TKH students among whom are national and international champions.

Where the Sun Celebrates Your Growth

Learn, grow, and let the sun cheer you on at TKH campus which is designed to let sunlight into every room!

Where 3000 M2 Engineering Labs Await Your Innovation

Become an innovative engineer at TKH’s cutting-edge Fluids Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, & Geotechnics Engineering labs!

Where Impact Is Yours to Make

Bring your creative concepts to life with impact at TKH Maker Space using automated laser cutting machines and 3D printers!

And State-of-the-Art Facilities Surround You!

  • PC Labs – Ethical Hacking Lab – VR/AR Room – Digital Media Studio – Media Loan Room – Tech-Powered Library – Interactive Lecture Halls – Massive Sports Fields – Outdoor & Indoor Gyms – Diverse Food Court – Inclusive Socializing Spaces

Experience the unmatched feeling of being a TKH student for a full day.

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