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    General Questions

    What is The Knowledge Hub?

    The Knowledge Hub is a multidisciplinary academic hub bringing the best courses from the top 200 internationally-renowned universities worldwide, to provide an international Branch Campus at The Knowledge Hub.
    This model is based on the new Egyptian International Branch Campus Law (162/2018), which provides full autonomy and degree-awarding power to the university. This is not an affiliation or a collaboration, it is a university branch campus at The Knowledge Hub, here in Egypt.
    Students will be studying the international degree as if they travelled abroad to get it. The curriculum, teaching techniques, and degree-awarding falls under the same academic partner’s regulations.
    The purpose of establishing The Knowledge Hub is to provide students with the same international academic experience here in Egypt. This is part of the government’s education reformation plan, working up to 2030.

    What are the facilities available at The Knowledge Hub?

    The Knowledge Hub will be offering programs in multiple academic clusters (Engineering and IT, Medicine, Arts, and Liberal Arts, and Humanities and Social Sciences). The campus will include an administrative building and recreational facilities, as well as Research and Innovation Centers.

    Who would be awarding the degree?

    The international academic partner is the sole awarding body of the degree offered here at The Knowledge Hub.
    It is important to understand the difference between the affiliations existing in Egypt and the IBC model of Higher Education introduced via the 162 law, which dictates that The Knowledge Hub is not, by law, authorized to award degrees.

    What are the universities available? And what are the degrees offered?

    Our first partner, Coventry University offering Bachelors’ Degrees in these programmes.

    Our second partner, Nova University Lisbon offering Bachelors’ Degrees in these programmes.

    Coventry University

    Why Coventry University?

    Coventry University

    • 68,000 learners studying Coventry degrees around the world. 30,000 of them are in the UK alone.
    • Campuses in Coventry, Scarborough, and London
    • Shortlisted for University of the Year
      The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021
    • Ranked No.3 in the UK for students overseas
      Based on in-person delivery of TNE Programmes with an overseas institution, HESA data 2020/21
    • Received 5 QS Stars Overall Rating
      QS Stars University Ratings
    • Received Queen’s Award for Enterprise
      International Trade 2022
    • Ranked in the top 50% of UK Universities for Research
      PowerTimes Higher Education analysis of REF 2021
    • Awarded 5 QS Stars for Innovation
      QS Stars University Ratings
    • 70% of Research was classed as world-leading or internationally excellent
      Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021
    • 1st Class University for Environmental and Ethical Performance
      People and Planet University League 2021

    Is the curriculum of the year 1 modules/subjects taught by the Coventry University Branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities the same as what is taught at Coventry University in UK?

    For clarification purposes, Coventry University Branch year 1 (foundation year) courses to be delivered at The Knowledge Hub Universities are of a comparable standard to any of the foundation years offered by any of the pathway providers currently within the international market.

    Coventry University Branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities delivers the same courses that are delivered within the Coventry University campus in the UK. The foundation year in Coventry University UK was approved via a rigorous Quality Assurance process that conforms to Coventry University regulations (which are subject and conform to UK QAA regulations).

    The content and the material is enhanced and developed in a way to ensure students who progress from the Year 1 (foundation year) at the Coventry University Branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities into the first discipline year of the courses (year 2 at The Knowledge Hub Universities) are better prepared and have an enhanced background of English, Math, Science/Engineering and Design/Media to those who may have completed an alternative international foundation year.

    Will students be able to transfer to the university’s main campus abroad?

    Transfer options to the university’s main campus (the UK for Coventry) is possible at any given point of their studies after finishing their foundation year.

    Why would students choose to go to The Knowledge Hub rather than travel abroad?

    – Providing our students to acquire the same academic, learning, and technical experience as they would if they were to travel abroad
    – Preparing a stronger professional future for them through the interactive and hands-on experience they will obtain while studying at The Knowledge Hub

    What would attract international students to apply at The Knowledge Hub?

    The Knowledge Hub encourages students from neighboring countries in the MENA region as part of providing them with diverse cultural experience, as well be part of a developed academic model with more affordable tuition fees than studying abroad.


    To know more about International Students criteria and tuition fees please check this page.

    If the students decide to pursue their studies abroad, would the tuition fees be the same?

    Fees for students looking to transfer to the university’s home country would be considered as international students and, therefore, would pay international fees as listed by the home university.

    What is the currency of the tuition fees?

    By law, Egyptian students would pay in Egyptian Pounds; however, international students would pay in foreign currencies.

    Why are the tuition fees at The Knowledge Hub less than in Coventry?

    Consider that this is an international branch campus for Coventry here in Egypt; therefore, students will be considered as home/residents’ students and will pay home fees. Same as UK students paying lesser fees than international students at Coventry University.

    Does The Knowledge Hub follow the Ministry of Higher Education law? / How involved is the Ministry in academics?

    The Knowledge Hub is managed by Law 162/2018 formulated for the International Branch Campus (IBC) model. This law provides full autonomy and freedom to the academic partner when it comes to the academic cycle of the student: from admission requirements to accredited degree-awarding.
    The MOHE will have a representative on the Board of Trustees responsible for ensuring proper compliance with the law as well as recurring national sovereignty.
    MOHE has no control over the quality assurance or other relevant matters tied to admissions, curriculum, and degree structure.

    Would students need degree equivalency in Egypt?

    Since this is an international branch campus of the university in the UK, students do not need to equate their degree. However, for certain academic subjects, The MOHE will facilitate, by law, degree equivalence for specific syndicates if needed.

    Who determines the professors’ qualifications and who is responsible for hiring the teaching staff?

    The academic partner will provide resident and foreign academic tutors and staff.

    The Knowledge Hub will identify local calibers for the academic partner to recruit and train with their own teaching mechanisms to ensure quality-assured teaching methods.

    Does this academic model exist somewhere else in the world?

    Yes, it does, but this is the first time in Egypt. Other countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, and others, have off-shore campuses for certain universities abroad.

    Is this a government-owned project? / How is El Sewedy involved in education when they have always been known for their presence in Engineering?

    1. El Sewedy firmly believes in the importance of education as the cornerstone of any societal and economic improvement.
    2. This is their first new involvement in education since 2011, and this is part of El Sewedy Electric’s CSR’s method that currently operates two schools “El Sewedy Technical Academy” meeting the requirements of Power, Maintenance and Logistics factories. K-12 involvement is currently part of an El Sewedy family member thus completing the full cycle of youth development.

    Aiming at building a world-class university campus, engaging qualified education providers, and designing knowledge exchange channels; this is how The Knowledge Hub’s holding company El Sewedy Education came to be.

    What are the admission requirements?

    How many semesters are available in the Academic year?

    We have two semesters for our foundation programs.

    Can I apply for more than one university?

    Yes, you can apply for more than one of our Partner Universities, where you have the choice to select a maximum number of two programmes among the available universities. This will be applied once we launch more programs and universities in the upcoming years.

    Which English language proficiency tests are accepted by The Knowledge Hub Universities?

    The Knowledge Hub Universities does accept the tests below:

    • IELTS Academic, or UKVI
    • TOEFL Internet Based Test (iBT)

    What type of high school certificates do you accept at The Knowledge Hub?

    All international and national certificates are accepted at the Knowledge Hub.

    What is the application deadline to apply for this semester?

    The deadline for the applying for September 2022 intake is to be announced.

    Will there be a foundation year offered?

    All faculties will start with a foundation year as part of the four-year degree programmes. There will be a science and a non-science foundation programme respectively.

    If there are a number of students eligible for studying at TKH, we will open a class for them.

    Why are the entry requirements more achievable than other universities?

    This is as a result of TKH following the same admission criteria as the home university’s academic requirements.

    How can students start the application process, and when?

    The Admission Center is now open from 10 am to 2:30 at TKH campus.

    Walk-ins are on a first-come-first-served basis.

    You can also book a private campus tour by clicking here 

    What is the application fee?

    The application fee is EGP 1,200.

    When will Phase II launch?

    Our campus is a phased project for a period of 10 years.

    How to apply as a faculty member?

    Check the careers section, and feel free to contact The Knowledge Hub Human Capital team Via Email talents@elsewedyedu.com

    What is The Knowledge Hub’s academic calendar?

    You can check our academic calendar through this link.

    Will there be transportation services?

    You can check the transportation schedules from this link.

    Are there Housing /accommodation services offered?

    Accommodation is currently off-campus (for more info regarding this please contact studentlife@tkh.edu.eg) until the on-campus dorms are ready.

    What are tuition fees and scholarships?


    Click here to learn more about the tuition fees. Scholarships and merits will be announced soon.