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On Thursday June 3rd, representatives from TKH School of Engineering visited EAST steel manufacturing facility located in 6 of October industrial city as part of EAST- ENGINEERING AND SERVICES TECHNOLOGY, EAST is a joint stock company that provides local and regional markets with engineering related products services. EAST started long ago rooting from a family-owned business that was active in construction and roads building.

Today the company is active in major infrastructure, energy and industrial sectors. It features a diversity of applications through its divisions, its activities ranges from a simple supply of equipment up to a complete complex EPC projects.

The visit started with briefing presentation about the company with its different divisions and activities highlighting the company’s History and main capabilities with a detailed quick tour in the Factory’s different sections.

The day also included site visit to concrete plant showing a sample of EAST Partnership in The Country mega projects currently running in the zone of 6 of October city that showed some of EAST works and diversified capabilities.

The visit ended with a discussions on the ongoing plan regarding TKH-Coventry engineering students’ trainings and Internships at EAST different Facilities, as part of the university support to their off campus experience.




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