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We’re almost there, people. With vaccination programs in full effect, we’re closer than ever to the normalcy we knew pre-pandemic. Before reaching our precious normalcy, though, many students are having to face their toughest rivals during the COVID era: finals!

Finals during a pandemic are certainly more challenging than any previous finals. But, here are 5 ways you could help make studying for your (hopefully) last finals during a pandemic easier:

1- Communicate to your Family that You Will Be Studying

Just a small sticky note on your room door or a group message to your family members will let them know you don’t want distractions.

2-Take Advantage of your Solitude

Studying outdoors is fun, but you would have to follow social protocols. These protocols don’t exist in your room! So, dress up funny. Light up some candles. Do whatever comes to mind to enjoy your own company while studying and have some quality ‘me time’.

3- Avoid Multitasking

Several studies have shown that multitasking…well isn’t even possible. They show that our brains operate with lower efficiency as we keep switching between tasks. So, make sure Calculus time is for Calculus and Chemistry time is for Chemistry.

4- Don’t Sit Down for too Long

Stand up or take a stroll around your house every 30 minutes to maintain a good posture.

5-Give our Lo-Fi Beats Playlist a Try!

You can find TKH playlists on our highlighted IG Stories. Or, choose your own playlist; just make sure it’s instrumental to avoid distractions.

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