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The Knowledge Hub’s education model is designed to bridge the gap between Business, Academia, and Society and encourage a culture of Innovation. That’s why Tatweer Misr innovation competition was a golden opportunity for TKH- Coventry University students to showcase their excellence.

Coventry university’s students at TKH universities gathered a team of 14 students from three different disciplines which are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Design & Media. They met for brainstorming and came up with an impressive idea to help Egypt move further in the direction of sustainability. 

The innovative proposal was titled “New Administrative Capital, NAC, Construction Waste Recovery & Sustainable Buildings” 

On Monday April 12, 2021, we received the announcement that TKH team has been selected among the top 10% out of 750 applications. TKH Academics team gave us the below statement about this impressive group

TKH Coventry University’s students show impressive teamwork skills and achieved the goal on time. Even though they are year 1 students and had exams and submissions, they managed to come up with a professional, wining proposal. 

TKH Coventry University believes in their students, so they believed even more in themselves

The group was supervised by a great academic team including:

  • Stratis Kanarachos | Head of TKH School of Engineering, Coventry University Branch in Egypt.
  • Ebtissam Mostafa | Course Director of Interior Architecture and Design, TKH School of Design & Media, Coventry University Branch in Egypt.
  • Mohamed Elshafey | Associate Professor, TKH School of Engineering, Coventry University Branch in Egypt.
  • Nourhan Shaker | Assistant Lecturer, TKH School of Engineering, Coventry University Branch in Egypt.
  • Shenouda Mekhael | Lecturer , TKH School of Engineering, Coventry University Branch in Egypt.

The group contained the below students:

  • Kareem Abdelrahman | Student, Civil Engineering
  • Rana Ismail | Student, Civil Engineering
  • Firas E Elsayed |Student, Civil Engineering
  • Omar M Barakat |Student, Civil Engineering
  • Mohamed Gheith |Student, Civil Engineering
  • Shahinaz Masry | Student, Design & Media
  • Kariman S Elkareish | Student, Design & Media
  • Omar El Hadidy | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Omar Shoukri | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Menna El Taybe | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Mohamed Abdelaziz | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Yassin T Morsi | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sama El Tawil | Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Youssef Sorial | Student, Mechanical Engineering
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