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Researching career moves is great, but you’re career overthinking if you’re obsessing about what’s out of your control. And here are 5 reasons you need to stop doing so:


1-Stop career overthinking because it’s not healthy

Numerous studies have shown overthinking can negatively affect your psyche, reduce your productivity, and lead to anxiety, or even depression.


2-Stop career overthinking because you can have multiple careers

This one is especially for students. If you’re hesitant about chasing a certain career path because you don’t want to miss out on another career, know that you can always catch up on the other career down the line and have two careers at the same time. Google “portfolio careers”, folks!


3-Stop career overthinking because it can cost you opportunities

Overthinking can lead to decision fatigue. This is when you get stuck in a loop of overanalyzing without moving forward. Needless to say, this loop will only cost you precious time and opportunities.


4-Stop career overthinking because perfection takes practice

Expecting perfection from the get-go is highly unrealistic. Experts of any industry will tell you so. So, next time you feel like you’re not ready for a career move, double check that you’re not just chasing perfectionism.


5-Stop career overthinking because you deserve more credit than you give yourself 

As humans we are naturally inclined to focus on failures. It’s what helped our ancestors survive. But, research has now shown recognizing our successes and giving ourselves more credit can boost performance and improve our brains’ abilities to remember and adapt.


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