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On Wednesday, 24th of February, TKH School of Business hosted the third webinar in their outstanding and groundbreaking Webinar series to introduce students to a new way of thinking and experiential learning.

This time, we were honored to host HRH Princess Lolowah Bint Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Her Royal Highness Princess Lolowah Bint Faisal is the daughter of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and his queen consort, Iffat Al Thunayan. HRH Princess Lolowah Bint Faisal is widely considered to be the leading and most powerful woman in the Saudi royal family, with a prominent presence on both local and global stages. Having been received her education in Switzerland, she devoted her life to elevating the status of women and youth in Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of education. She has been a member of Al Nahda Charitable Society for Women in Riyadh since 1970. Her Royal Highness Princess Lolowah attended many forums representing Saudi Arabia such as the International Trade Committee at the Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  She also led a delegation of Saudi businesswomen to Hong Kong in the year 2006. In addition, Her Royal Highness participated in Saudi trade missions abroad and accompanied senior royal family members on a number of diplomatic trips. Princess Lolowah also had a prominent presence at the 2007 World Economic Forum, where she spoke against the driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia. At the forum, she called on more rights for women that would help correct Western misconceptions around the country’s progress.


Her Royal Highness discussed the importance of youth empowerment in the Business and Labor Force during COVID-19 as Her Royal Highness regards the youth as the future of their countries. H.R.H. emphasized the role of education not only during the current pandemic, but also afterwards for re-building their countries and pointed to the importance of innovative teaching methods especially during the pandemic as a precondition for recovery.

Her Royal Highness was very kind to recognize TKH-Coventry University as a major provider of higher education in Egypt especially in terms of innovative teaching. As it was a live-webinar students and staff engaged with Her Royal Highness on a fruitful discussion on the impact of Covid-19. This webinar proved to be a unique opportunity to talk to somebody directly of this distinguished position.

We are very grateful to H.R.H. for joining us on this occasion.

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