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The knowledge Hub School of Business continues to go above and beyond to introduce students to a new way of thinking and intellectual learning.  On Wednesday, 17th of February, The Business School at TKH was honored to host another webinar in their new Webinar series featuring H.E Noura Al Noman, who discussed her entrepreneurship story and the e-publishing sector environment. H. E. gave students insights on the various difficulties in publishing novels and establishing an e-publishing start-up.


H.E Noura Al Noman is an award-winning Emirati science fiction writer. H.E holds a master’s degree in translation studies. She also worked as an English teacher and then became the editor of the UAE Misintry of Information prior to her current position. She also held several managing positions such as the deputy and acting director of the Sharjah Ladies Club, then she became the director of the executive office of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi.


With an ambition that defies gravity, H.E Noura Al Noman became the first celebrated Emirati fiction writer ever. Her first novel, Ajwan, took nine months to write but went on to win the Etisalat Book Awards in 2013.  Its success prompted a sequel, Manadan, as well as a third instalment published at the Sharjah International Book Fair. After tremendous success, H.E aims to spread Arabic science fiction writing to new rising authors and to a wider audience. She launched her own publishing house to aid more rising local authors.



During the webinar, H.E Noura Al Noman talked about how the e-publishing sector is an interesting and new idea to introduce to the publishing sector in the United Arab Emirates as e-books are still a niche there, which results from a scarcity of e-readers in the region. Furthermore, customers are unaccustomed to the online payment methods for example, via credit card. In terms of the UAE, H.E Noura Al Noman is described as a pioneer in e-book publishing, which is not only driven by her entrepreneurial interest, but her mission to develop a wider audience for novels.


Business students were given more insights on the various difficulties facing publishing houses that aim to publish more e-books as introducing a new product to the market always comes with obstacles. Students had the opportunity to ask H.E any questions they had regarding her influential story and her vision on the publishing sector in the Middle East. H.E Noura Al Noman has also inspired and motivated female students to have limitless ambition and to achieve all their dreams with hard work and dedication.

Written By: Shahinaz Al Masry – TKH-Coventry Student
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