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November proved to be a dynamic and intellectually stimulating month for the TKH-Coventry University branch’s School of Computing, with a series of engaging events that brought industry experts and students together for insightful discussions and learning opportunities.

On November 5th, School of Computing hosted an illuminating session titled “Beyond Boundaries: A Journey into API Security.” This event provided a comprehensive exploration of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and their pivotal role in our digital landscape. The agenda covered fundamental aspects of APIs, emphasizing security protocols, real-world breaches, and more. The session was graced by the esteemed presence of Peter Wahba, a distinguished Cybersecurity Consultant at Inovasys, who shared invaluable insights and expertise with the attendees.

Continuing the momentum, on November 9th, the School of Computing organized another successful event: “A Deep Dive into Windows Authentication.” Abdelrhman Mohamed Ashraf, a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at Inovasys, served as the guest speaker, imparting his wealth of knowledge to Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity students. The deep exploration of Windows Authentication provided an enriching learning opportunity, equipping students with valuable skills and practical insights.

Adding to the diversity of expertise,  School of Computing welcomed the Data Science team from the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). Led by Dr. Amira Abdelaziz, the Head of the Data Science and Advanced Analytics Hub at CBE, along with team members Farah Anany and Youssef Reda, the session titled “A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist at the Central Bank of Egypt” offered students a firsthand look into the world of Data Science. Topics covered included the establishment of the Data Science & Advanced Analytics Hub, its mandate and focus for 2023, and insights into the skills required for a successful career in Data Science.


Expressing gratitude to the accomplished speakers, our TKH-School of Computing extends a heartfelt thanks for their contribution to the enrichment of student knowledge. Anticipating more engaging sessions in the future, the school remains committed to providing students with opportunities to interact with industry professionals and stay at the forefront of advancements in computing and cybersecurity.

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