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TKH-Coventry School of Business recently concluded a successful series of research workshops, delving into Artificial Intelligence (AI), Qualitative Research, and Quantitative Research.

AI and Research Workshop

Under Dr. Noha Youssef’s guidance, participants engaged in discussions and hands-on sessions, exploring the intersection of AI and research methodologies. The workshop delved into machine learning’s role in data analysis and AI’s impact on research ethics, sparking innovative ideas for the future.

Qualitative Research Exploration

Drs. Mostafa Saadeldin and Nermin Elkafrawi, FHEA, led an immersive Qualitative Research workshop, guiding participants through crafting effective interview questions and deciphering rich narratives. The focus was on cultivating a mindset appreciating the nuanced artistry of qualitative inquiry.

Quantitative Research Unveiled

Dr. Rawan El Bakry’s Quantitative Research workshop equipped participants with analytical tools for navigating the quantitative research landscape. The session emphasized mastering statistical techniques and interpreting data with precision, enhancing technical skills and emphasizing rigor in research methodologies.

The workshops’ success is attributed to the dedication of faculty, including Mahitab Shahin, Mostafa Saadeldin, Noha Youssef, Dr. Nermin Elkafrawi, FHEA, and Rawan El Bakry. These workshops mark pivotal chapters in the collective journey of knowledge acquisition, reflecting the commitment of TKH-Coventry School of Business to pushing boundaries, embracing trends, and preparing the community for the evolving landscape of business research. They signify a future where curiosity, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge drive academic excellence.

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