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TKH-Coventry School of Business students participated in The Board Consulting’s Career Accelerator Program in collaboration between TKH-Coventry School of Business and Career Services Office. They recently concluded their internship with a compelling final presentation on January 18th, 2024. The focus was on their Market Research project, centred around the global and local Jelly Candies Market.

During the presentation, the students highlighted their in-depth analysis of the Competitive Landscape for Jelly Candies, covering both global and local perspectives. Their findings were based on extensive market visits and data collected through In-Depth Interviews and questionnaires.


The students’ immersive approach allowed them to gain firsthand insights into consumer behaviour and market trends. The blend of qualitative and quantitative data presented during the final session showcased a comprehensive understanding of the Jelly Candies Market.

The success of The Board Consulting Internship Career Accelerator Program was evident, emphasizing its commitment to practical learning and skill development. As our students move forward, they carry not only a certificate but also valuable industry knowledge and a network of connections.

The final presentation on January 18th marked a significant milestone, affirming the program’s role in shaping future business leaders.

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