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Congratulations to our newly elected TKH Students Union Elections 2020 team: Farah Farid, SU President, and Kevin Kodous, SU Vice President.

As many of you know, we recently had our 2020 Student Union Elections. This was a great opportunity for students to choose who would represent them in the next academic year, and we would like to congratulate Farah Farid, the new SU President and Kevin Kodous, the new SU vice president. All the candidates were incredibly passionate and active, and it was great to see an amazing 50% voting turnout from all TKH students.

Online elections took place on the 5th of April. We were able to interview Farah Farid and Kevin Kodous. They gave us an insight from the campaign week, and what we will be able to expect over the next academic year.

Farah is an Engineering student at TKH, stated “I’m that person who once put something into my head I never gave up till it’s done at its best, I decided to run for the SU president as I believe that I have the motive to make THE REAL CHANGE, absolutely loved my time as a student at TKH. I created unforgettable life-changing memories from this experience, from being a course rep and an ambassador to developing my skills while organizing events and trips. However, I wanted to do more to make the SU and our university a better place and invest in the student experience on campus. I’m dreaming about meeting all the students’ needs and requirements.

Presidency wasn’t easy and was probably one of the amazing/hardest decisions that I have been through, but it made it even more rewarding when I was elected as Students’ Union President. It clearly reflects the true diversity we have in our university. I will never forget the moment when our Student Life Senior Officer “Ahmed Abdelaziz” announced my team as the winner and the new Students’ Union President is me – it was the best moment of my life. The responsibility is huge, and I hope that I could stand all of this trust given as it’s a very difficult challenge and the pressure will be doubled but I’m ready to do it”

Kevin also an Engineering student at TKH, stated “I am that person who puts others before himself while helping in order to build them up, I decided to run for Vice President as I seek to make a change in university to help create an environment where the students are satisfied and cooperating in harmony with both the staff and professors while providing them with nonacademic needs to help them get their minds off of the stress of studying. Also to help set a strong base for the SU so over the year it won’t run in any problems. It was a major setback as the election where online and the campaign had to be held on social media. Also, we were at the end of the semester with all of these deadlines, however, it brought us together to come up with new ideas to win while facing many obstacles due to our current circumstances”

Regarding their new responsibilities, Farah and Kevin stated “We were very happy, and at the same time we felt that running for SU presidency is not a joke anymore and that we have to take full responsibility for all our decision from now on. We gained the trust of the students and this is a great responsibility”

They added that their main role now is to be the voice of all the students of TKH and help to take away the stress from the academic aspect of the university and give the life needed and the sense of belonging to the university as their goals are based on the requirements and needs of the students. Some of these objectives are outdoor areas, sports tournaments, build a clear communication system between students, SU and staff, and organizing events and trips.

The most excited SU plan to get started with is to make the campus a more student-friendly environment to be fully ready in summer with all the requirements for the upcoming academic year. Also, setting the SU as a business to help provide TKH students with most of their requirements and needs.

They also added their advice for anyone who is running for an SU position, is to have a clear vision and plan as well as a marketing strategy to gain the trust of the students to vote for you.

Students Union Elections 2020

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