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Student Union Elections

The First Student Union Elections Held at The Knowledge Hub Universities


Being the first class of a university is a big heap, not only that but running for Student Union and becoming the student body is a freshmen dream. Student Union elections took place this past week with six different teams participating, students showed off their talents and creative skills that filled the campus building with exceptional marketing campaigns, banners, signs, designs, colors, and more.


The student debate took place at the atrium where each team spoke and convinced their colleagues on why they should be Student Union President or Vice President. As the debates got heated the competition became tougher; the following week was voting time, allowing students to discuss and decide their favorite team, finally winners were announced at end of day.

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After, a very challenging election period, The Knowledge Hub Universities would like to congratulate its first Student Union President & Vice President Hassan Hany (School of Computing) and Ziad Ayoub (School of Engineering). Our Student Union heads will work together to build the university student body by selecting student heads for various departments such as marketing, PR, entertainment, HR, academics, and more.

We are very excited to see what they will have prepared for TKH the upcoming days from the various events, projects, trips, etc. Once again congratulations!

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