The Knowledge Hub Universities is set to celebrate a year-long association with Coventry University by expanding to offer courses from all four of the university’s faculties.

Coventry University brought its UK curriculum to the Hub’s state-of-the-art campus in the New Administrative Capital for the first time in the 2019/20 academic year.

The move was part of a partnership with El Sewedy Education and saw Coventry University launch nine four-year undergraduate programmes from its Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing.

Now, as those near the first year of completion in August, The Knowledge Hub Universities and Coventry University are planning to celebrate that first anniversary in September by launching new undergraduate programmes in Business and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Business and Human Resource Management, and Psychology.

Subject to obtaining necessary academic and government approvals, the new courses will be delivered at Coventry University Branch in Egypt at The Knowledge Hub Universities under the oversight of Coventry’s UK-based Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and Faculty of Business and Law.

The Knowledge Hub Universities Set to Celebrate Anniversary of Association with Coventry University by Expanding Courses
Professor Mahmoud Allam
The Knowledge Hub Universities President, Professor Mahmoud Allam, believes the addition and diversity of the new courses is good news for students and Egypt. He said...
These programmes are being launched after a meticulous study of the market needs and the preferences of the students.
Professor Mahmoud Allam

The Knowledge Hub Universities will continue to empower students with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career journey.

Engineer Ahmed El Sewedy, Founder and Chairman of El Sewedy Education, welcomed the expansion. He said...
El Sewedy Education has always been keen on contributing to the development of the educational system, as a pillar to the progress of this nation. The Knowledge Hub Universities expansion in academic offerings is a step forward towards providing the new generation with opportunities to grow their passion in the right direction, guided by the best expertise provided by the staff of Coventry University.
Engineer Ahmed El Sewedy
Founder and Chairman of El Sewedy Education
The Knowledge Hub Universities Set to Celebrate Anniversary of Association with Coventry University by Expanding Courses
Professor John Latham
Additionally a Sport and Exercise Psychology programme is also scheduled to launch in September 2021 and Professor John Latham CBE, Coventry University Vice-Chancellor, is delighted to be extending the University’s partnership. He said...
I was extremely pleased to welcome our new learners to The Knowledge Hub Universities last September. We are delighted with how The Knowledge Hub has delivered so far in this first year, building an innovative learning environment with the teaching expertise that Coventry University has become known for around the world.
Professor John Latham
Coventry University Vice-Chancellor

To celebrate the success of that 2019 launch, we felt it was important to offer a larger variety of programmes from different faculties of study. Our academics in the UK have helped with the development of the courses, to give the Coventry University Branch at The Knowledge Hub the ability to replicate the quality and teaching expertise on offer at our University in the UK.

“The planned expansion in the course portfolio shows our commitment to the development of the Coventry University Branch in Egypt and to bringing the best that Coventry has to offer to the students in Egypt.

Coventry University has worked closely with The Knowledge Hub Universities to deliver undergraduate courses in the 2019/20 academic year with nine undergraduate courses in the areas of Engineering, Computing and Design & Media.

Subject to obtaining the necessary academic and government approvals, Coventry University Branch at The Knowledge Hub is planning to offer the following courses from September 2020:

  • BA Business and Marketing
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BBA Business Administration
  • BA Business and Human Resource Management
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (from Sept 2021)

Required approvals for these additional courses is underway. For more information about existing and new Coventry University courses visit: