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At TKH, we always thrive towards creating an education model designed to bridge the gap between Business, Academia, and Society and encourage a culture of innovation. Thus, one of the main tools to help bring this vision to life is to foresee the market needs. 

To bring this vision to reality, we had the pleasure of hosting an Advisory board meeting composed of 47 members. The board members were industry experts in three engineering fields, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, joined by the TKH-Coventry Engineering School staff members.  

The day started with a short presentation delivered by Prof. Stratis Kanarachos, Director of Coventry School of Engineering at TKH and Dr. Deena Boraie, Provost presenting TKH’s vision and aims together with the objectives of the meeting. The advisory board members then had in-depth discussions based on their expertise. 

The key concepts covered in the discussion included: skills expected from our graduate students, key challenges the industry is facing, and how TKH university can support by preparing their students to tackle these challenges. Taking it a step further, the advisors offered some suggestions for potential joint graduation projects and/or internships that are motivated by those challenges. 

In summary , the main objective behind this meeting was for the advisory board to inform the TKH-Coventry School of Engineering staff of the latest market trends and needs. The input given during the discussion will help reinforce the curriculums and our learning techniques to stay aligned with the market.

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