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As part of The Knowledge Hub Universities and Coventry University’s plan of working together to prepare students for a global career, Digital Media students from Egypt and UK joined forces to work  their end of year projects. The students teamed up to produce two tracks of projects for their Creative Hacklab 1 course: Interactive 2D Animation film + Creative Coding, utilizing Arduino and Processing.

The Digital Media course is different from a traditional programming or computer science course as its focus is primarily on creative production in the field of media using digital tools in 2D modelling, application development, immersive technologies, and audio and video production among others. In addition, the project’s objectives were to allow the students to have a hand-on experience as well as giving them the opportunity of interacting with foreign students. The teams were given the space to get as creative as they wanted, from creating the concept itself to coming-up with the script and storyboard.


As part of our goal to create an interactive environment for our student, this type of collaboration between Coventry University’s students in Egypt and UK is of extreme strategic importance. It pushes for the cultural exchange between the students in Egypt and the UK as well as it gives them the space to learn and interact together as part of Coventry University’s learning approach. This falls hand in hand with both TKH Coventry and Coventry UK’s goal of offering an intellectually stimulating, culturally enriching, and innovative learning environment.


To summarize, we at TKH are always aiming to provide our students with the appropriate exposure to not only practical experiences but also expose them to different cultures and global mindsets.



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