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TKH prioritizes creating opportunities for greater unity and multicultural integration. Led by the the Student Life team and TKH-Coventry Psychology Department, TKH had the pleasure of hosting 14 students and 2 professors from the School of Life sciences at Coventry UK for a cultural exchange program which aimed to promote cultural infusion, diversity, and inclusivity.

The students coming from the UK got the chance to explore Egypt’s heritage and engage in anthropological discussions with the backdrop of numerous historical sites like Old Cairo and the Religious Complex, the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Museum of Civilization. Students explored historical Egypt further by visiting Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the citadel on a one-day trip to Alexandria.

Throughout their trip, Coventry UK students were accompanied by our students which gave them the chance to engage in various intellectual discussions.

Finally, students were invited to explore an integrative framework of wellness that incorporates mind, body, and soul. This framework is popular within Egyptian culture and allowed for introspection as well as an examination of the various mental health approaches rooted in science or tradition and spirituality at an expressive Arts Therapy and AcroYoga Retreat in Fayoum.


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