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TKH is proud to announce that our very own Omar Abdelraouf, a design and media student at TKH-Coventry, has won first place at the Coventry University Global competition!

The Coventry University Global is interdisciplinary challenge hosted between Coventry and its partners. It prompts students to use whatever means they are proficient in (animation, essay, painting, etc.) to create something to address the issue of sustainability.

We had the opportunity to interview Omar and here is what he had to say regarding the experience;

“Being a Design & Media student, I didn’t want my project to simply just address the challenge’s topic. I wanted it to be entertaining, first and foremost. It also had to accessible to people who hadn’t even heard of the competition so that everyone could enjoy it.”

We took it a step further and asked his what inspired his video and here is what he had to say;

“Instead of tackling a sustainable city, I went for an unsustainable one. I wanted to address how the short-sightedness and greed of a lot of leaders in our day and age leads to unsustainable practices that are slowly but surely destroying our world. I was always inspired by animated music videos on YouTube, so I was looking for whatever excuse to make one. My greatest inspiration was the song itself. Money by Caroline Rose was the perfect song for what I wanted to do. because of how declarative and relevant it is. It mainly tackles a person’s descent into complete materialism and greed. The reason they’re all cute penguins was to counterbalance the dark subject matter.”


Make sure to check his video: (98) Money (Penguin Animatic) – YouTube

Congratulations Omar!

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