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IPaving the way for the students to properly set foot in their future professional journey, The Knowledge Hub Universities manifest the greatest achievements of the career services office at the New Administrative Capital. The office offers several unique internship opportunities and specialized workshops in various fields throughout the semester with the aim to develop the students’ skills and capabilities, so they can expertly excel in their professional career by satisfying every need and ticking every check box required by the existing markets. This comes in line with the Knowledge Hub Universities’ keenness to establish innovative-based educational institutions at the best international standards accompanied by the latest services to achieve the greatest impact on society.


Iconic tower field tripField trips vary according to the field of study of the students. For instance, Civil Engineering students got to witness the construction process and building techniques of the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital. As for business administration students, they went on a successful trip to Dusit Lakeview Cairo hotel where they engaged with the HR Recruitment Department as well as the learning and development team. This visit allowed them to obtain an overview and relevant insights of the recruitment process enabling them to detect the knowhow when it comes to attracting the best talents. Mechanical engineering students visited Ghabbour Auto Prima Factory and Ghabbour Academy where they got to watch the thorough process of each phase in the cars assembly line, including the role of robotics. Students also got to learn the core of their technical courses, training programs, and all the brands they work with.


The purpose of the career services office is to develop the skills and capabilities of the future generation in attempt to contribute to the advancement and development of the Egyptian economy. The office focuses on three main pillars; individual career counseling, career guidance trainings and an experimental learning program that enables them to try different jobs in order to broaden their practical experience and facilitate the selection process of choosing the vacancy that suits them in their future careers.

Moreover, the Knowledge Hub Universities’ career services office organizes eye opening field trips for the students to get the chance to see in practice what they are studying, which gives them a clear practical picture on the requirements of the market. In addition to providing more than 290 on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities.


Among the most significant workshops offered by the career services office are career planning workshops to help students identify their skills, interests, and values with the aim to facilitate the decision-making process they have to make when it comes to choosing their future career path that is most suitable and practical for them. There is also the Resume Writing Course to learn the art of drafting a proper CV, along with learning job interview skills, professional work etiquette, communication skills in practical and social life.

All these different professional services provided by The Knowledge Hub Universities have succeeded in benefiting the students, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as all these activities were achieved while taking into account the all necessary precautionary measures as well as applying social distancing and reducing the number of attendees.

Ihab Salama, CEO of El Sewedy Education said: “El Sewedy Education aims to add value to higher education in Egypt by establishing partnerships with major foreign universities to provide an international level of education that contributes to placing Egypt on the global education map, with the aim of attracting Egyptian and foreign students looking for a modern and well-rounded education.”

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Allam, President of the Knowledge Hub Universities stressed on the importance of the university’s career services office in preparing students, along with shaping and refining their skills in all fields of expertise required by the employment criteria. Allam further added that the university’s role is not just limited to education, but it also extends to prepare the students and shape their personalities to excel in their professional futures.

Within the same context, Maha Sobh, career development Senior Officer at the Knowledge Hub Universities, said that the goal of the university’s career services office is to develop the skills and capabilities of students so that they can easily cope with the needs of nowadays rapidly changing markets, thus contributing to the advancement and development of the Egyptian economy in various fields. This goal is achieved by providing the office with many varied workshops to help students understand their personality type, take advantage of their strengths, and improve their points of development for success, and this is achieved by a highly qualified team of traineners and professional career advisors.

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