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The Knowledge Hub Universities is pleased to announce that the Engineering programmes offered by Coventry University branch have acquired approval from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.

This approval, solidified by the Syndicate’s issuance of Decree No. 3 for the year 2024, marks a significant stride forward in recognizing the quality and rigor of Coventry University’s Engineering curriculum, and validates the excellence of its programme offerings at The Knowledge Hub Universities.

This momentous acknowledgment from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate underscores Coventry University’s steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier Engineering education that aligns with international standards and best practices. It is a testament to the dedication of the faculty, staff, and leadership at The Knowledge Hub Universities and Coventry University branch in ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and industry-relevant education.

Furthermore, The Knowledge Hub Universities and the Syndicate have agreed to cooperate on key industry partnerships that can develop and provide first-class training for TKH graduates that can be extended to other branch campus graduates and mother universities abroad.

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