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Eman Taher Shaltout

Eman Shaltout has worked in diverse psychological fields, ranging from cancer hospitals to research institutions. She graduated in 2011 from AUC with a BA in psychology and a minor in English Literature, which paved the path for her experimental research on the role of media in risk-taking behaviour for her MSc at the University of Sheffield in 2015.
Prior to her Master’s she worked with cancer patients to improve overall quality of life from diagnosis to palliative care in terminal patients. Her research experience includes working at Weill Cornell Medical College on research projects related to undergraduate students’ well-being, and consanguineous marriage in the Gulf. Further collaboration between the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute and Emory University in Atlanta, U.S.A lead to great strides in research on women’s empowerment during pregnancy.
Her doctoral thesis at Kingston University, London deals with the development and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in adolescents, and the specific risk factors involved in the advent of symptoms. She has developed an integrative framework with which to understand trauma responses and applies this approach as a trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapist (TF-CBT).
Her background and experience in psychology are two of three pillars she uses as the course director of the psychology programme, with the third being a commitment to her students’ academic achievement and fulfillment.

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