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TKH-Coventry School of Computing  is glad to announce that on Tuesday 19th of April 2022, TKH President Professor Mahmoud Allam signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ‘Crystal Networks’ – an ITG (Information Technology Group) company, in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Sharaky – General Manager in Egypt, Mrs. Nathalie Chelala – Marketing Manager, Mrs. Aline Doumit – Senior Marketing and Communication Specialist, Professor Stratis Kanarachos – Head of the Engineering School and Coventry Branch Director, and Professor Aziz Barbar – Head of the School of Computing at TKH.


This MOU aims to develop privileged relations between the two parties with respect to their fields of expertise. More particularly, the MOU allows to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of expertise of professors and students in the fields of Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity, Computer Science, and Software Engineering (Computing).
  • Facilitate and promote the placement of hosted students in training sessions, internships, workshops, final year projects, and seminars for the benefit of both parties and their constituents.
  • Collaborate on research projects between professors and managers of both parties.
  • TKH will offer its premises when and where available to ‘Crystal Networks’ for conferences, workshops or seminars that may be of interest to both parties.
  • Ahmad Sharaky will serve as an Industry Advisory Board member for the School of Computing to assist in periodically suggesting improvements based on market needs and trends.

After signing the MOU, ‘Crystal Networks’ team was given a tour of the different facilities at TKH state-of-the-art campus.

It is worth noting that ‘Crystal Networks’ is a dynamic information technology system integrator that has been serving customers from various business sectors since 2005. The company’s aim is to provide customers with managed or on-premises IT & security solutions alleviating them from the operational challenges in their transformation to the ‘Digitized Enterprises of the Future’.  For more information, you can visit

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