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BA Product Design

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Course Overview

  • We take a user-centered approach to designing innovative, sustainable and forward-thinking products for volume production, including furniture, healthcare products, toys and consumer electronics.
  • Our long-established degree course aims to prepare you for a range of roles in the creative industries, including product design, UX design, research, development, modelling, visualisation and design management.

Main Study Themes

Visualising and prototyping:

explore a range of hands-on and digital tools and techniques with access to our extensive workshop facilities.

Design for manufacture:

balance aesthetic and functional requirements to optimise products for sustainable production.

Human-centered design:

design products informed by insights and trends identified through focused research, that deliver a rich user experience.

Course Information

The practice of Product Design primarily refers to the design of products for high volume manufacture. The course aims to prepare students for the broadest practice as product designers in industry by embracing many of the transferrable skills which we have found to be desirable by other sectors of the creative industries and beyond. The way in which products are manufactured, the technologies involved and the way products are distributed, used and recovered, continue to introduce new challenges to the discipline.

The course celebrates the use of our design studios as a fundamental element of design training alongside the making of 3D objects as a means of testing prototyped ideas, of evaluating suitability for user and environment, and finally as a means of communicating finished design proposals and user experiences. The studio culture we promote will have prepared our students for working in professional design environments; able to contribute positively to discussions around design and how it is practiced. They will have been guided in the compilation of a portfolio of professional level work, supported in interview practice and the ability to publish their work digitally for a global audience of potential employers and collaborators.

  • Art, Design and Media 1: Exploration
  • Art, Design and Media 2: Transition
  • Foundation Academic English 1 for Design and Media
  • Foundation Academic English 2 for Design and Media
  • Design Exploration
  • Design Visualisation
  • Design Enquiry
  • Design Context
  • Design Experience
  • Design Reflection
  • Visual Language
  • Design in Practice
  • Professional Development: Product Design
  • Research-Informed Design
  • Product Development
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Final Major Project: Definition
  • Final Major Project: Research
  • Final Major Project: Ideation
  • Final Major Project: Resolution

We regularly review our course content to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated.

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