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On Saturday, 14th of May, 2022, NOVA University Lisbon held its first information session on campus at The Knowledge Hub Universities, where it will open its first ever branch outside its European borders this September offering five different Bachelor’s degree programs in the areas of Management, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Applied Mathematics in Risk Management and Information Management.

The information session started with welcome notes from Professor João Amaro de Matos, Vice-Rector of NOVA University Lisbon, Mr. Ihab Salama, El Sewedy Education CEO and TKH Board of Trustees Vice-Chairman, and Professor Mahmoud Allam,TKH President. The session then continued with presentations from a high-level academic delegation from NOVA University Lisbon that included Professor Pedro Oliveira from Nova School of Business and Economics, Professor António Grilo from NOVA School of Science and Technology, and Professor Frederico Cruz Jesus from NOVA Information Management School.

During the session, Mr. Ihab Salama expressed his pride that TKH will be hosting the first branch of NOVA University outside its European borders. He stressed the importance of such partnerships and initiatives between Egyptian and global educational institutions, aiming for the empowerment of generations through quality education, by developing and creating disciplines and programs that serve the Egyptian society, preparing students for a better future with the skillset to enable them to cope with global competitiveness and to meet sustainability challenges.

Professor João Amaro de Matos, Vice-Rector of NOVA University Lisbon expressed his pleasure in partnering with The Knowledge Hub Universities to establish the NOVA Cairo branch at TKH campus in the new administrative capital, and highlighted the quality of NOVA Schools and training, and the value the courses offered will add to the Egyptian higher education. NOVA pioneered worldwide the development Environmental Engineering in the 70’s, currently a trending program covering pressing themes of global importance and aligned with Egypt’s vision 2030. Through this Bachelor ’s degree, students will be able to solve environmental challenges using scientific, mathematical and engineering design methods to develop systems that help to eliminate environmental problems and mitigate damage caused by pollution. He also added the top global rankings in information management and data science at IMS, and that Nova SBE is a top global business school, one of the few in the world with Triple Crown accreditation, the fourth to be present in Africa aside with AUC, Stellenbosch and Cape Town, and is offering its BSc in Management at the NOVA Cairo branch.

Professor Mahmoud Allam, TKH President  said that, with the enactment of the Egyptian law regulating the operation of branches of international universities in Egypt, NOVA University Lisbon is the second international university to be hosted at The Knowledge Hub Universities campus in the new administrative capital. He noted that offering such an educational model encourages Egyptian students wishing to study abroad to earn the same international degree, with the same quality, without traveling abroad.

NOVA is a global and civic University. Global since its teaching and research follow an international agenda with a quality well recognized by its partners overseas; and civic, because it is committed to the development of society, culture, and economy.

The recognition of its quality, both in teaching and research, ensured by international accreditations and high positions in prestigious rankings in all areas of knowledge among young European Universities, guarantees the participation in important international academic networks and alliances.

Learn more about Nova University Lisbon branch at TKH in Egypt, visit:


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