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7 Halloween Costume Trends for 2019


October 30, 2019

Hey Covies, I bet each one of you is trying to find the perfect costume right now.  I mean, Halloween is literally the only event where we get to put on a mask and live in our favorite characters’ shoes for a day. The best part is, you will never get the famous ‘what are you wearing? ‘question. It’s okay if you want to be an astronaut for a day, because why not? It’s Halloween!

So, let’s express ourselves through our costumes, or let’s just feel free to wear whatever we want to this year.  Here are the Halloween costume trends for 2019, for some inspiration. You may find yourself a costume you never thought of before, good luck with finding your favorite costumes, everybody.


1. Le Casa De Papel ‘Aka Money Heist ‘ Costume

Our favorite Netflix series, isn’t it? Well, we all fell in love with the Dali masks, but do we all know where did it come from or what does it mean?

In case not; The Dali masks are used as a symbol of resistance, skepticism, and indignation towards the system. So, if you want to rebel for one day, or show your love to Tokyo, Denver, Naomi, Berlin, Rio, or any of the characters, go ahead! The best part is, you’ll most probably find the rest of the gang at the party.

[et_image element_id=”70629″ image=”3099″]

2. Eleven and Max from Stranger Things costume

We need to see more BFFs pairing costumes, you guys. So what’s better than channeling your inner 80’s by wearing tube socks, suspenders, striped tank, and athletic shorts just like Eleven and Max!

[et_image element_id=”890647″ image=”3100″]

3. The tethered from Us costume

The picture speaks for itself, I already got scared.

[et_image alignment=”center” element_id=”646357″ image=”3101″]

4. Ashley O from Black Mirror costume

All you got to do to rock this Halloween’s party is to wear a flawlessly pink wig and that glammy Rock-star outfit that you’ve been dying to wear. I mean, who’s going to beat Ashley O? I’m guessing no one.

[et_image element_id=”325808″ image=”3102″]

5. The Joker costume

Well, it’s an all-time favorite of course. But guys come on, have you seen the movie? I expect more people this year to be wearing the red suit, yellow vest, green wig ‘oh don’t dye it, please ‘, and the mask. The new thing about wearing it this year is that people will feel empathy towards this costume, more than ever!

[et_image element_id=”72091″ image=”3103″]

6. Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders costume

It’s when you see your favorite bad guy looking so vintage and elegant. I mean, how could you not fall in love with such a character?

[et_image element_id=”193596″ image=”3104″]

7. Sasha Tran from Always Be My Maybe costume

For the love of romantic comedies. You can totally find something to wear from your closet to pull of that look, but do not forget to put on the signature glasses!

[et_image element_id=”553980″ image=”3105″]

May all of you have a spooky Halloween. Till next time, you scary Covies!

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