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[New Capital, May 20th, 2024] – Coventry University branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities proudly hosted its 2nd Annual Engineering Journey Expo on Thursday, May 16th, 2024. Under the esteemed presidency of Prof. Dr. Yasser Sakr, the event showcased the culmination of the graduating class of 2023-2024’s academic journey.


The Engineering Expo, held at TKH’s New Capital campus, welcomed notable figures including Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, Founding and Board Member of El Sewedy Education, and Eng. Tarek El Nabrawi, Head of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate. Also in attendance were representatives from the Council for International Branch Campus Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, alongside esteemed industry partners of TKH-Coventry School of Engineering.

Not just a platform for Level 6 students to present their graduation projects, the Expo also featured preliminary projects from Level 5 students, offering a glimpse into the innovative endeavors shaping the future of engineering. A panel of esteemed judges adjudicated the projects, culminating in an award ceremony recognizing outstanding achievements across programmes.

Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy extended a warm welcome to Eng. Tarek El Nabrawi, acknowledging his pivotal role in facilitating the registration process for Class ’23 Engineering graduates at the Syndicate. Emphasizing the industry relevance of the showcased projects, Eng. El Sewedy reiterated El Sewedy Education’s commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience aimed at preparing students for global competitiveness.

In response, Eng. Tarek El Nabrawi commended the quality of the projects, affirming the Syndicate’s dedication to supporting its members with practical resources and ensuring their ongoing success. He lauded the graduates as exemplars of future engineering leaders, praising Coventry University branch’s role in fostering a conducive learning environment for technical innovation.

The Engineering Expo stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between Coventry University branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities and industry stakeholders, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence in engineering education and the cultivation of tomorrow’s engineering talent.

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