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In a significant step towards fostering collaboration between Coventry University branch in Egypt at The Knowledge Hub Universities, and the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, a meeting convened at the Syndicate’s official headquarters.

Present at the meeting were Professor Yasser Sakr, President of The Knowledge Hub Universities that is partnered with Coventry University, Engineer Tarek Al-Nabrawi, President of the Engineering Syndicate, and a cohort of Engineering graduates from Coventry University branch at The Knowledge Hub Universities.

Highlighting recent legislative developments, it was announced that the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate has enacted Law No.3/2024, enabling Egyptian graduates from Coventry University in Egypt to register with the Syndicate.

Professor Yasser Sakr expressed his gratitude for the warm reception extended by Engineer Al-Nabrawi and reiterated his commitment to fostering collaboration between the two entities.

Following the meeting, Coventry branch graduates registered their documents at the Egyptian Engineers syndicate, accordingly this milestone marks a significant stride in the integration of international educational standards with local industry requirements, paving the way for enhanced opportunities for engineering graduates in Egypt.

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