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 In the spirit of productivity, let’s get right to it! This summer:

Update your CV


1- Update Your CV & Portfolio

Between last summer and this one, you’ve gone through a full academic year. Update your resume with all the new skills you’ve learned and update your portfolio with all the new projects you’ve worked on.


Land an Internship2- Land an Internship

Updating your resume and portfolio boosts your chances of landing an internship. Start searching for internships now on LinkedIn, Wuzzuf, and industry-specific online groups.



Make Some Cash in Freelance3- Make Some Cash as a Freelancer

Only using your graphic design or video editing skills to create memes (great as they are) is a waste. Start taking paid freelance projects on UpWork, and We Work Remotely now. 

You could also sign up to Egypt’s own Inploy!


Take Up a Project4- Take up a Project

Collaborative or solo, working on an independent project is very rewarding. No matter your career, you know there’s a project you’ve been putting on hold for a while. 

Like if you’re a psychology student, maybe you want to write a Literature Review about a topic you’re interested in. 

Think your coding skills are top-notch? Develop your first mobile app.

Or if you have a killer business idea, start building a Minimum Viable Product as the first step to founding the startup of your dreams!


Find a Creative Outlet5- Find a Creative Outlet Platform

You might have already been creatively self-expressing on social media. But, it’s time to go next level!

Are you a creative writer? Launch your own blog on WordPress. Or, write and read great fiction on Wattpad. And, we highly recommend WritingPrompts; the amazing subreddit where you can write a story introduction and watch different people complete the story themselves.

Or, if you’re into art and photography, showcase your work on Behance, DeviantArt, and ArtStation. These platforms let you join great communities and give your work important exposure.

For musicians, SoundCloud is an incredible place to feature your own music. Plenty of successful music artists on the scene got their first break on SoundCloud. Try also ReverbNation and Drooble.


Finally, if you’re a passionate filmmaker, then Vimeo should be the new home for your work. The same goes for Stage 32; a film-centred platform where directors, actors, scriptwriters, and more connect and feature their work.

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