TKH Library

The library is the center of innovation and where students find all the support functions needed for research, intellectual discovery, and engaging learning process. It is only a vital part of the campus but an essential pillar in the whole student experience.

Library material is all developed, organized, and preserves to compliment different generations and fields of studies. We constantly explore and implement updated innovations and technologies to offer our students information and resources that are conveniently accessible. In addition to that, we provide a space that intrigues concentration, productivity, and thoughtfulness through well-equipped and functional spaces.

Our databases are complimenting for all disciplines and include various version of scholarly content including virtual articles and eBooks as well as a large physical collection.

Not only that, but the TKH library is also subscribed to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. EKB, one of the largest national educational projects in the country, aiming to provide a diversified source of knowledge and intellect.

The current integrated library system is KOHA, which offers functions such as cataloging, circulation, acquisition, and library reports. In addition to OPAC (online public access catalog), offered to all users within the TKH campus.


TKH Library Services & Facilities

• Internet access to online learning resources.

• Current Awareness Service.

• Planning and Resource Management

• Reference services and access.

• Metadata Services

• Photocopy services

• Ask a librarian.

The TKH library is located on the 1st Level of the Main Building and has a seating capacity of 60 seats in an engaging space as well as 30 PCs connected directly to the library and the availability of laptops and wireless technology throughout the campus grounds.

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