TKH Food Outlets/Services

Crave Restaurant:

Real Food is a TICO owned brand, sister of the leading brands Crave and Qahwa. We have gathered years of experience from the F&B industry and poured it into a wide selection of ready to eat meals made of the

best ingredients freshly brought to you every day. With a wide range of selections from healthy food and juices, to mouthwatering burgers, pizzas, pasta, and many more served throughout the day.



TBS WAY is an extension that is tailored to serve a fast in-store experience. TBS WAY will be planting its roots in TKH; where students can grab fresh products and premium coffee on their way to classes. It is fast, convenient, and delicious.



Meeting and supplying all of the student’s needs including groceries, essentials, and ready food. Designed with an open space on the ground level and a first-floor terrace. The food items include vegan, gluten-free and healthy products.

What you will find at pick-up:

o Groceries

o Toiletries

o Snacks

o Beverages

o Premium coffee & hot beverages

o Fresh Juices, shakes & soft drinks

o Hot dogs, corn dogs, sandwiches & fries

o Salads

o Cupcakes, croissants, muffins, cookies & donut

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