TKH Medical Department

We understand the value of student’s physical and mental welfare which is why we aim for providing the medical services that ensure it The Knowledge Hub as well as achieve the highest levels of safety. Ensuring overall awareness of the epidemiological, psychological, and environmental factors affecting students,

faculty, and staff. We want to provide our community with an emergency center that is fully equipped and supports clinics that operate with highly trained professionals.

Thus, we provided our medical department with:

· Easy to access emergency clinics

· Advanced equipment

· Tailored health care plans to chronic conditions

· Specific care to special needs

· Availability of different specialties on campus

· Special care to mental health

· Well trained personnel

· Intensive care ambulance (Present on campus 24/7 to provide quick, safe, and professional transportation to nearby hospitals.)

· Excellent medical insurance

· Educational courses to all members (We provide mandatory accredited courses covering the subjects of emergency medicine and first aid for specific staff members. We encourage students to enroll as well.)

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