Career Services

The Career Services office is the place you need throughout your career journey beginning with your foundation year up until being a Knowledge Hub Alumni.

We will guide you through attainting all career-related goals through integrating your education with practical practice in your desired industry.

It is our priority to continuously ensure that you are empowered through getting the necessary skills to develop your career effectively and achieve professional success. At the Career Services Office, we provide you with advising services and employability skills programs to gain the right tools to plan right and improve your employability.

Career advising services includes self-assessment, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies, while employability skills programs that compliments students’ soft skills set and technical knowledge to meet employers’ hiring needs.

We also work on corporate partnerships and liaises to offer career opportunities for TKH students.

It is our priority to offer the services needed to empower our students and offer them the best means to enhance their employability as well as become a communication channel with potential employers.


TKH Careers Services:

• Career Guidance Workshops and Individual Coaching

• Summer and Winter Internship Programs (off-campus)

• Work-Study Programs (on-campus internships)

• Soft Skills Training

• Corporate Job Shadowing and field visits

• Corporate info sessions

• Self-Awareness Assessments

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