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TKH Student Life

We care about the student’s overall experience at The Knowledge Hub University, which is why we believe that The Student Life is as important as their education. We are keen on creating an environment where students feel connected, safe, empowered, listened to, and included. Building a place where every student feels a sense of belonging and community through connecting with one another during events and activities that promote holistic student development, learning, wellness, and fun!


Ambassadors Program

Our student ambassadors are representatives of our university and everything it stands for; our front line. Although each of them has their own differentiation in terms of personality, interests, and skillset their all share a sense of enthusiasm and pride in belonging to The Knowledge Hub Universities.

The Ambassadors Program allows you to build communication, leadership, and professional networking skills, through recruiting passionate students to assist with undergraduate enrollment activities.

As a university and student body representative, you will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people all while creating a positive learning opportunity for yourself.


New Student Orientation

The Orientation Program is the first stop at The Knowledge Hub, it is where new students are welcomed and get a facilitated introduction to the social and cultural community.

We make sure students easily begin their academic and social life at TKH by offering them information sessions and activities to build a foundation of a sense of the community.


Student Union

A student-organized entity within the university where they are in charge of holding different events, activities and programs around campus as well as become the student’s body’s advocate in policymaking and various initiatives. It consists of members who are elected by students and others that are appointed by the elected officials.

The union represents the students’ voice and works towards providing the student body with the best experience on campus as well as support them with any challenges they might face.


Student Clubs

Created to complete the overall vision of TKH, which is highly dependent on the belief in the importance of student development and extracurricular activities. In which, students get to learn, beyond their classrooms, skills, and values like resource management, public speaking, morals, ethics, and many more.

The student clubs are for everyone, regardless of their interests whether it is academics, music, dancing, acting, drawing, writing, or volunteering & community service there is a place for everyone.


TKH Career Services Office

Where students get to develop a variety of skills, they need in order to achieve leadership positions within different activities and entities on campus.

We are committed to creating a positive, inclusive, and challenging learning environment which helps our students to grow and become the best possible versions of themselves.


Conduct Unit

The Conduct Unit handles any cases of student misconduct with an aim to guide students towards maintaining decent behavior. We resort to adopting an educational approach in resolving cases of misconduct and transforming them into a learning experience rather than a punishment.