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Coventry University New Undergraduate Courses
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BBA Business Administration

Course Overview

For an opportunity for you to develop an all-round business skillset try a Business Administration degree; with a focus on the application of theory to real business situations, this course reflects contemporary business thought and practice.

If you have a passion for business and an aptitude for organization and management, this degree can help to prepare you for a wide range of roles in the local, national or international business environment. It focuses on developing a solid grounding in core business and enables flexibility for specialism in key areas, with the chance to study optional modules after your first year in topics such as accounting, marketing or international finance.

BA Business and Marketing

Course Overview

From digital marketing and social media, to traditional print, studying for a Business and Marketing BA can lead to an exciting career.

Within our fiercely competitive and global economy, marketing is now central to commercial success. Businesses and organisations across every sector – private, public and non-profit – need to determine and differentiate their brand, communicating effectively who they are and what they do to past, present and potential customers.

This professionally accredited course is designed to help you gain the confidence and business acumen  necessary to develop, position and build businesses in the most strategically effective way. We aim to provide a solid understanding of business analysis, planning, and management, alongside specialist marketing skills, such as understanding customer behaviour, developing creative solutions and how to promote competitive advantage.

BSc Accounting and Finance

Course Overview

Understanding the financial world can lead you down many career paths, and a degree in Accounting and Finance can give you the best start.

If you are interested in current financial issues and are considering a career in either accountancy or finance, this course lets you sample the essentials of both disciplines to help you choose which interests you most.

Since almost every management job requires an understanding of budgeting and financial administration, this degree can open up much broader career opportunities as, upon successful completion, you should be equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in financial management within a business context. As part of our focus on your career prospects, we will also help you develop the skills often quoted by employers as lacking in graduates – critical evaluation, self-direction and problem-solving – incorporating analysis, presentations and negotiation techniques into your studies.

BA Business and Human Resource Management

Course Overview

All forms of business require a HRM professional. This human resources degree can teach you about managing and treating employees fairly.

Relying on Human Resource Management (HRM) and Development (HRD) professionals, successful organisations recognise the importance of being able to recruit, select, develop, motivate, performance manage and reward their employees efficiently and effectively in order to realise their business goals.

Coventry University has delivered HRM courses for over 30 years. This course is designed to develop a sound understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HRM professionals today and support individuals looking to develop a career in managing and leading people.

BSc Psychology

Course Overview

Interested in why people think, feel and behave the way they do? This course takes a scientific approach to understanding the human mind.

This course aims to provide a comprehensive grounding in the major psychological approaches to the study of human behaviour.

Covering psychological theory, research and practical skills, it aims to help you understand how psychology is applied to real life and how to select, use and report appropriate psychological methods and research techniques.

This course teaches you how to investigate people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours using psychological research methods.

The Guardian University Guide 2020 ranks Coventry as one of the top 20 psychology departments in the UK for graduate employability.

Ranked 16th for Psychology in the Guardian University Guide 2020.

BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology | Coming Soon! | Sep. 2021

Course Overview

Sport and exercise psychologists use scientific research methods to explore how people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect their sports performance.

Studying key factors, such as motivation, commitment, mental toughness, self-confidence, stress, anxiety, attitude to injury and concentration, they support athletes to consistently optimise their performance in physical activity.

This British Psychological Society accredited course draws upon various fields of psychological knowledge, as well as human physiology and anatomy, to develop your understanding of the factors which influence performance in a sports and exercise context.

This course could lead to careers within sports coaching, sports and exercise therapy and rehabilitation, personal training, sports administration, or broader consultancy work in the health and leisure industry.

*Due to commence Sept 2020 subject to academic approval and presidential decree

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