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Coventry University School of Computing

Computing Degrees Coventry University

School of Computing

Computing Degrees Coventry University

Recognising the importance of developing a strong practical insight into the subject area of a degree, as well as a solid theoretical foundation.
This is achieved through an activity led learning approach, where academic knowledge is cemented by practical real-world examples the students can explore on their own and in groups.

Computing Degrees, from the internet to mobile computing, smart devices and beyond, has changed the world – and continues to do so: next-generation robots, driverless cars, and digital currencies are just three examples of what is already on the way.
Creating these exciting new technologies generates an ongoing need for excellent computing graduates. Computing BSc (Hons) is a full-stack developer degree which aims to teach you the fundamental range of skills necessary to become a software developer. The degree is designed to equip you with key programming, analysis, and design skills including (but not limited to) back and front-end web development, internet-of-things development, user experience design, quality assurance, and testing, system administration, and security.

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